How to Clean Glass Oven Door without Scratching

How to Clean Glass Oven Door without Scratching

How to Clean Glass Oven Door without Scratching

After cooking a big meal, especially after doing so several times a week and for months, splashed grease and unidentifiable bits of stuck-on food unavoidably end up clouding the glass of your oven window. There is no damage in allowing the mess to gather there for a while, but sooner or later you need to clean the oven glass not only for the sake of appearance but also to uphold the performance and durability of your appliance. It is important to know how to clean a glass oven door without scratching.

It is very easy to clean oven glass, especially if much time has passed since you last made an effort. In fact, getting the glass spotless may be the toughest part of cleaning any oven. It can be even harder than cleaning the oven interior, especially if you are fortunate enough to own a model with a self-cleaning mode which, sadly, does little to clean the glass. Even cleaning the oven racks can be much less of a chore, as there are methods of getting the job done that require relatively little exertion. In comparison with these other tasks, cleaning the oven glass is labor-intensive, but it is uncomplicated work, and you probably already own everything you need for the job.

The glass of oven door tends to get spattered with grease and oil from the foods we cook. Cleaning by self-glass oven doors might be able to eliminate some of the buildups but to remove all of the greasy films the oven door must be cleaned by hand. Because oven doors are made of glass, they require different methods of cleaning than the oven itself.

There are many different cleaners in the market that we found very helpful in removing dust from the front of the oven glass door without scratching. Avoid using any rough cleaners or scratch pads on glass doors as it will reason well scratches across the glass. These scratches are often mistaken for a film; however, they cannot be removed with the ordinary cleaners. Below is the easy and safe outcome method which can use to clean glass without scratching;

Baking Soda and Vinegar Paste

Prepare the Oven

First of all, turn the oven off and wait until it is cool completely. Then, open the oven door so that it lies completely straight. After that, cover the vents on the top of the oven door with rags or plastic. These vents pass air from the oven door as the oven heats. If cleaning product or water gets inside the vents, the liquid can be stuck between the two glass panes that make up the door. If this happens, the liquid can cloud the glass permanently.

Generate a Grease-Cutting Mixture

To make the grease-cutting mixture, mix one cup (310 g) of baking soda with 1/2 cup (0.118 L) of warm water in a bowl, and you can also take the required quantity as well. Mix the mixture until it creates a thick paste. Add more baking soda or water to make sure the paste is thick enough so it will not run.

Clean the Glass Before Applying the Paste

Arrange soft cloth and wet in hot water and wring it dry. Bush the glass gently to remove superficial dirt and fragments.

Use the Paste

Take a cluster a paste between your thumb and forefinger and feast it over the glass. Distribute the baking soda paste consistently. Make sure it does not drop. Bush the paste into the oven door with your fingers in a circular motion. Move along the door using an even, overlying pattern of action. Place larger clusters of baking soda paste onto grubby portions of the glass and bush lightly with a moist, soft cloth. Leave to set on the door for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Wash Off the Paste Gently Using a Wet and Soft Cloth

Sometimes, we need to re-wet the cloth to remove built-up baking soda quickly.

Dry the Oven

After the follow above methods, now the turn to move on the next step, dry your oven glass by using a clean and dry cloth.

Spray White Vinegar

Spray on the oven glass door with white purified vinegar to clean without scratching and shining.

Spray the glass 3 to 4 times

It is must to spray 3 to 4 times with vinegar and leave and allow the vinegar to sit for 15 minutes.

Wipe the Vinegar Off

In the last, wipe out the vinegar off with a moist and soft sponge from a glass oven door to clean the door without scratching.

Although above is the amazing way to clean glass oven door without scratching, after the cleaning you can see the difference of before and after cleaning. A super simple cleaning method to give you a jump-start to some household cleaning.

Prevention for oven door dirtiness

  • Don’t clean your oven door with hot water as this tends to make it shrink thereby allow fats residue to pass on.
  • Don’t use chemicals on your oven door as they are dangerous. By avoiding chemicals, your oven door seal will last longer.

So always keep your kitchen items neat and clean to stay healthy and enjoying the best foods.

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