How to Clean Leather Sofa with Vinegar

How to Clean Leather Sofa with Vinegar

How to Clean Leather Sofa with VinegarThe leather sofa makes a home look more classic and elegant. Maintaining and cleaning luxury leather sofa sets goes beyond merely wiping those using wet clothes. On the other hand, hard cleaning can destroy them. So what is the best way to clean a leather sofa? Do you know how to clean a leather sofa with vinegar easily? If not, let me share the complete procedure to clean a leather sofa with vinegar.

Don’t use bleach or ammonia-containing cleaners as they can damage the leather sofa. The best thing you can to do clean the sofa is make your own mild leather sofa cleaner. Experts recommend cleaning the leather sofa every three months to extend its lifetime. Following is how to clean a leather sofa with vinegar.

Best Way To Clean Leather Sofa with Vinegar

  • ¼ cup of Vinegar
  • Paper Towels
  • 10 drops of orange or lemon essential oil
  • ¼ cup of Olive oil
  • Small bowl
  • Water-based leather protector/conditioner

Leather Sofa Cleaning Steps

Take a vacuum cleaner and start cleaning the leather sofa to remove dust or food. Wipe the sofa gently with a damp paper towel.

Mix vinegar and olive oil in a small bowl and whisk properly to blend. Vinegar has the ability to clean the leather sofa. On the other hand, olive oil breaks up the dirt and stains. Adding essential oils adds an elegant fragrance to the furnishings. If you are looking for the best laser level for accurate leveling, click here to get more information.

Now dip a towel in a prepared vinegar and olive oil cleaning solution. Test the cleaning solution by rubbing it on a small portion. Give it two to five minutes to dry and to check the discoloration. Use a dry paper towel to wipe down the leather sofa. Coat the entire piece by working in a circular motion and rub the homemade cleaner into the leather sofa. Take a dry paper towel and wipe down the leather sofa to remove the remaining oil.

Treat the leather surface using a leather protector/conditioner. Sit back and enjoy the freshness of a cleaned leather sofa.

How To Remove Ink Stains

In order to remove ink stains from a leather sofa, you need rubbing alcohol or non-acetone nail polish. Rub the stain spot gently until the stain disappears completely. Stubborn stains may take some time to disappear, so you have to try a few times.

Apply non-jelly or non-oily nail polish remover on the leather sofa to remove stubborn stains. Leave it for a night, and then gently clean the stain using a damp cloth.

How to Remove Dark Stains

Protein-based dark stains like mud, food, and blood are easy to remove. Use one part of tartar cream and one part of lemon juice to make a cleaning paste. Apply the prepared paste to the stains and let it sit for at least ten minutes. Now add another layer to the cleaning paste by rubbing it into the dark stain. Use a damp sponge to remove it. Now dry the leather sofa using a soft cloth.

How to Remove Water Stains

Mayonnaise can help you to get rid of water stains and rings. All you need is to apply a thick layer of mayonnaise on the stains and leave it for several hours. Using a damp cloth, clean off the mayonnaise with water stains. Give the leather sofa some time to dry.

Top 3 Rules to Maintain Leather Sofa

  • Clean your leather sofa with a clean white cloth at least once a week. Besides removing debris and dust, the white cloth ensures that no dyes are left.
  • Vacuum your furniture once per month to get rid of deep-down dirt.
  • Make a mixture using two parts of linseed oil with one part of white vinegar. Blend the solution thoroughly. Apply the cleaning mixture on a soft cloth and wipe the leather sofa surface. Cover the entire surface by working in a circular motion. Give it 10 minutes and clean it with a soft cloth until it shines.

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