Cleaning the toilet is really a worst and a difficult job as compared to other housekeeping. Cleaning a toilet is basically a nastiest experience as breathing in the noxious, toxic and harmful fume and gasses from the cleaning and washing liquids. It’s really a more painful and irritating process if there are stubborn mineral stains. Removing brown stains from the toilet can seriously sweat your teeth. Let’s take a look on how to remove toilet stains brown.

How to Remove Toilet Stains Brown

All the rust stains, lime scale, greenish stripes, minerals and a brown ring, are simply because of something in your water. And it’s not because of anything wrong in the cleaning routine and schedule. Mostly hard water contains the minerals named Iron, lime, magnesium and calcium and all these minters can attach to each and every kind of surface as they come through. The water can soften through water systems or with the filters, but besides all these precautions all these minerals slip through.

Whenever air meets with the iron rust colored stains will be found in the bathroom or beneath the faucets. The lime buildup is indicated and shown with the brown stains or green stains in the bathroom.

How to Remove Toilet Stains Brown

A mineral buildup is left behind whenever hard water dissolved and evaporated as a result it forms lime scale. Lime scale can pick up whichever of the dirt and grime particle with it and through this it builds up the stains as well as layers are created in the inner side of the toilet bowl.

Home made products or the many of the store products can fight against all these mineral stains. But in order to remove all these harsh mineral stains you need particular elbow grease. Therefore, not even think that it’s an easy procedure.

In order to remove all the mineral stains, you basically require some kind of acids. Best effective solution, tremendously dangerous as well as powerful acid is named as muriatic acid. It’s really dangerous; don’t use it unless you are professional. Besides all this if you need standard, regular and on dangerous solution, then you can use calcium lime rust or Lime-A way. Home remedy as well as an organic solution is the vinegar that you can use.

How to Remove Toilet Stains Brown

The first thing that you need to do in order to remove all the mineral stains is to shut off the main valve of the water that is located on the wall, behind the bathroom. You need to rotate it in the clockwise direction till it stops. From the toilet bowl you need to eliminate the water as much you can with the help of a cup or a bucket.

If you are going to use a brush so, you should have to take the brush with the nylon bristles. The old brush with the wire bristles can badly damage as well as scratch the porcelain. As an alternative of the brush you can use a pumice stone, it is also somewhat rough and harsh, but it does not damage and scratch the porcelain. There should be some water in the washroom when you are starting to go on this route to work for. The porcelain will not be scratched as water will help to stop pumice to damage the porcelain.

Commercial Cleanser

If you are going to use any of the commercial cleanser, then, you need to follow the following instructions. But try to use and consume more natural mixtures and solution which are already present at home.

•Vinegar and baking soda


You need to fill the toilet bowl with 1 to 2 cups of the vinegar as well as you need to add some sprinkles of the baking soda. You need to use a brush in order to swish the solution of the baking soda and vinegar around the bowl for the limited minutes. And after this takes around five minutes in order to allow it to sit. Use pumice stone or the brush in order to scrub and brush the mineral stains. If still the stains are not removed then you need to add some of the lemon juice in order to dissolve it. At the end, turn on the water again and flush it and if you think that it’s necessary and essential to repeat the process then repeat the cleaning procedure.

Removing Toilet Stains with Plunger and Baking Soda

Removing Toilet Stains with Plunger and Baking Soda

Material Required

•Scrub brush
•Toilet paper
•Cleaning with vinegar

Step 1

In order to clean all the water from the toilet you need to use the plunger. Any of the extra water can be soaked up with the help of the towel, by this bowl will be totally dry and empty.

Step 2

Pour down vinegar in the bowl till all the hard water, mineral stains will be covered with it.

Step 3

Toilet paper will be soaked in the vinegar as well as you need to put on this beneath the rim of the toilet.  Make sure that it should stick with the bowl. Allow it to sit all the night.

Step 4

Toilet paper will be removed as the toilet is soaked. In order to brush and remove all the remaining mineral stains you need to use the scrub brush.

Step 5

If necessary you can apply one more coat and covering of the vinegar till all the hard water mineral stains will be removed and washed.


These are some of the easiest homemade tips to make your toilet shinny and almost needs no money. And from now there will be no awkward hard water and minerals stains in the toilet.