Best 6 Burner Gas Grill

Best 6 Burner Gas Grill For 2024

If you want to prepare a meal for a whole family, there is nothing better than a 6 burner gas grill. Whether you are a beginner or an expert chef, it is essential to choose the best 6 burner gas grill with all essential features and, above all, within your budget. But, is it possible to find a gas grill with so many options available on the market? Though it can be difficult, if you spend some time with proper research, you can definitely select the best 6-burner gas grill for your needs. Cutting long things short, we have analyzed the market and selected these top 10 6 burner gas grills available on the market.

10 Best 6 Burner Gas Grills

S/NProductQuick FeaturesPrice
01WEBER 7371001 SUMMIT E-670 6-BURNER LIQUID PROPANE GRILL• Durable Stainless Steel Construction
• 769 Square Inches Cooking Space
• Front-Mounted Controls
• 5-Years Warranty
02MEGA MASTER 6-BURNER 753 SQ. INCHES PROPANE GAS GRILL• Cooking Area Of 753 Square Inches
• Electric Ignition
• Warming Rack Of 210 Square Inches
• Total 54 000 BTU
• Durable Stainless Steel Construction
• Porcelain-Enameled Cooking Grates
• Electric Ignition System
• 797 Square Inches Cooking Area
04CHAR BROIL 463274419 PERFORMANCE 6-BURNER CART STYLE GAS GRILL• Stainless Steel Construction
• 550 Square Inches Cooking Space
• Electric Ignition System
• 45,000 Btu’s
05WEBER 7470001 SUMMIT S-670 6-BURNER NATURAL GAS GRILL: • 769 Square Inches Cooking Space
• 60,000 Btu Main Burners
• Snap-Jet Ignition System
• Lighted Control Knobs
• Grill Weight 105 Pounds
• Durable 304 Stainless Steel Construction
• 84,000 Btus Of Total Cooking Power
• Grill Weight 127.6 Pounds
• 60,000 Btus
• Electronic Ignition
08ROYAL GOURMET GB8000 8-BURNER LIQUID PROPANE GAS GRILL• 950 Square Inches Of Cooking Surface
• Grill Weight 117 Pounds
• 104,000 Btus Cooking Power
• Electronic Ignition System
09CHAR-BROIL 463274619 PERFORMANCE SERIES 6-BURNER GAS GRILL• 755 Square Inches Of Cooking Space
• 45,000 Btu’s Power
• Grill Weight 127.7 Pound
• Electronic Igniter
• Grill Weight 254 Pounds
• 80000 Btu’s
• Infrared Rear Rotisserie Burner

01. Weber 7371001 Summit E-670 6-burner Liquid Propane Grill

Best 6 Burner Gas Grill For 2024 1

Weber 7371001 Summit E-670 6-Burner Liquid Propane Grill comes with a cooking area of 769 Square inches which is good enough to prepare food for four to six people. One can easily handle a lot of guests with the help of this grill. Not only is this, but there is a warming rack of 145 Square inches. It can accommodate enough grilled food. For delivering powerful heat, there are 6 burners manufactured with stainless steel.

Each burner can deliver up to 60,000 BTUs per hour. As they are made up of stainless steel, so, there is no doubt about their durability. There is no need to reduce the grilling space for increasing heat. There is a station burner of 10,600 BTU. This is incorporated for maximizing the heat on demand. For searing, this is one of the best 6-burner propane grills available on the market.

There is another burner named Smoker burner to add smoke flavor to your meal. An electric ignition makes starting effortless. This grill can be lightened up in a very short time. There are side shelves to keep necessary grilling accessories. Another amazing feature of this propane grill is the incorporation of temperature gauges. Other notable features include an LED tank scale display and front-mounted controls for convenient temperature control. If you are looking for an electric smoker, check out these best electric smokers under 200.


  • Snap-Jet Individual Burner Ignition System
  • Rear-Mounted Infrared Rotisserie Burner
  • LED Tank Scale Display
  • Larger Warming Area
  • Equipped With Side Shelves


  • LP Tank Sold Separately

02. Mega Master 6-burner 753 Sq. Inches Propane Gas Grill

Megamaster 6 Burner 753 Sq. Inch Propane Gas Grill

Another top-notch grill, Megamaster 6-Burner 753 sq. Inches Propane Gas Grill comes with a large cooking space. Such a cooking area makes this grill ideal for medium to large gatherings. As mentioned earlier, this grill has 6 burners that are enough for the fastest cooking. The stainless steel burners are not only durable but also rust-resistant. Each burner can deliver 9,000 BTUs per hour, which makes a total of 54000 BTUs.

The cooking grates are enameled with cast iron. Therefore, they offer amazing resistance against heat. Also, they aid in transferring uniform heat to your food for the best cooking results. The side shelves with 13.5 square inches are also useful to keep grilling accessories. There is a built-in thermometer that tells about accurate temperature.

There is a warming rack of 210 Square inches. It can easily accommodate all the grilled food. Another great feature of this grill is it comes with two cart-style wheels for convenient mobility.


  • Warming Rack Of 210 Square Inches
  • Wider Side Shelves
  • Transfers Uniform Heat To Your Food
  • Porcelain-Enameled Cast-Iron Cooking Grates
  • Two Heavy-Duty Cart-Style Wheels


  • Heavy Weight

03. Royal Gourmet Sg6002 Cabinet Propane Gas Grill

Royal Gourmet SG6002 Cabinet Propane Gas Grill

Royal Gourmet SG6002 Propane Gas Grill is another incredible grill on our list. This grill comes with 6 durable stainless steel burners. In addition to this, there is one sear burner and one side-lidded burner. These burners deliver the cooking power of 71,000 BTU to deliver even health for preparing juicy and tender food.

The cooking grates are porcelain-enameled; therefore, they are highly heat resistant. The primary cooking area is 598 Square inches large, along with the secondary cooking area of 199 Square inches. The cooking lid is made up of stainless steel to keep the heat inside the grill for the best cooking results. Also, it has double layers to improve the grilling results.

There is a built-in thermometer that tells you about the exact cooking temperature. Now, cook your food without any fear of searing. Last but not least, the Royal Gourmet SG6002 Cabinet Propane Gas Grill features an electric ignition system. Other notable features include a removable grease tray, cabinet with stainless steel doors, and four lockable casters.


  • Comes With A Built-In Thermometer
  • Easy To Start
  • Removable Grease Tray
  • Four Lockable Casters
  • Easy To Clean


  • Wheels Are Not Rust Resistant

04. Char Broil 463274419 Performance 6-burner Cart Style Gas Grill

Char-Broil 463274419 Performance 6-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill

One of the most durable gas grills on the market, Char-Broil 463274419 Performance 6-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill, comes with fast and reliable start-ups. An excellent feature of the grill is that the burner emits flame from the top to deliver even heat. The cooking pan is coated with porcelain which is quite easy to clean. Also, porcelain adds durability to this pan.

The cooking grates of the gas grill are coated with porcelain. The coating prevents rust and makes cooking grates durable and long-lasting. This grill also comes with an electric ignition system which enables you to light the grill without any hassle. This grill is effortless to start, thanks to electronic ignition.

There is another burner in this grill named sear burner to cook juicy meat. This burner can deliver the cooking power of 15,000 BTU which is more than enough. The grill comes with a cabinet that allows storing plenty of grilling accessories. Another great feature of this 6 burner gas grill is the 205 square inches swing-away warming rack, which is ideal for sides or toasting buns. Last but not least, two 7 inch wheels help to move the grill effortlessly, whereas two fixed feet keep it in place.


  • Easy Cleanup And Mobility
  • 10,000-BTU Lidded Side Burner
  • Durable Grease Pan
  • 205 Sq. In. Swing-Away Warming Rack
  • Coated With Porcelain Grates


  • Ordinary Coating

05. Weber 7470001 Summit S-670 6-burner Natural Gas Grill

Best 6 Burner Gas Grill For 2024 2

If you are looking for a compact size gas grill, then WEBER 7470001 SUMMIT S-670 is made for you. Featuring 6 durable stainless steel burners, the grill comes with a flush-mounted side burner, an infrared rear-mounted rotisserie burner, a sear station burner, a Smoker burner, and stainless steel smoker burner. The grill’s primary cooking area is 769, allowing you to prepare food for medium-sized parties.

The primary cooking area is 624 Square inches, along with the warming rack is 145 Square inches. You can conveniently store all grilling accessories in the warming rack. The cooking grates are made up of stainless steel that is quite easy to clean. Also, they aid in adding the yummy flavor to your grilled food.

The grill comes with a built-in thermometer, which enables you to read the accurate temperature. You can enjoy your party without worrying about the food temperature. All the burners deliver the combined cooking power of 60,000 BTU per hour. If you love smoked food, then there is a smoky grill for your convenience. Other notable features of the grill include an enclosed cart, two stainless steel work areas, a front-mounted lighted control panel, a built-in thermometer, two front locking, and two back swivel casters.


  • Durable Build Quality
  • Comes With An Additional Smoky Grill
  • Easy To Clean Grill
  • Front And Back Wheels
  • Built-In Thermometer


  • Control Knobs Need Improvement

06. Monument Grills 77352 6-burner Stainless Steel Propane Gas Grill

Monument Grills 77352 6-Burner Stainless Steel Propane Gas Grill

Enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends with this best 6 burner propane gas grill by Monument grills. One of the best things about this grill is it gives you multi-cooking options. It is equipped with 6 main burners and one side burner. It’s straightforward to start the grill, thanks to the electric ignition system. The total cooking power of the grill delivers is 84,000 BTU. The cooking grids are wrapped with stainless steel to deliver even heat for perfect food grilling. The thermometer is mounted inside the grill.

If you love to party, then this grill is ideal for you as it comes with blue-colored LED lights. The cooking space of 900 square inches with 634 square inches of the primary area and 2666 square inches of warming rack area is good enough for large parties. Featuring 304-grade stainless steel burners, the grill is perfectly resistant to corrosion.

There is an electric ignition system that offers fast and reliable startups by pushing buttons. Another great feature of the gas grill is the rotisserie kit for BBQ lovers. You can easily fold down the lid to protect the burner when not using the grill. Other important features include a storage cabinet and a removable grease drip pan for effortless cleaning.


  • Built-In Thermometer
  • Storage Cabinet And Easy Cleanup
  • LED Control Knobs
  • Rotisserie Kit Included
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grids


  • Takes Some Time To Assemble The Grill

07. Char-broil Performance 650 6-burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Best 6 Burner Gas Grill For 2024 3

Featuring a sleek design with a Black finish, the grill comes with 650 square inches of primary cooking space. This primary cooking surface has rust-resistant cast cooking grates, which allow preparing about 30 burgers at a time. There are five stainless steel top-ported inline burners and a sear burner for long-lasting performance. The grill offers a wide range of temperature range with precise control.

Equipped with 280 square inches of swing-away warming rack, it is an ideal choice for sides or toasting buns. This gas grill has a 10,000-BTU lidded side burner to prepare sauces or sides while grilling. You can easily fold down the lid to protect burners when not using the grill. The startup is ultra-convenient, thanks to the electronic ignition system offering a single button starting.

The grill lid, UFC, and fascia are made of stainless steel for improved style and durability, enabling the grill to withstand tough weather conditions. There are two metal shelves along with a sear burner for direct high heat cooking. Other noteworthy features include a lid-mounted temperature gauge, 2 door cabinets, removable porcelain-coated grease pan, and 4 castes for convenient mobility.


  • Lid-Mounted Temperature Gauge
  • Fast & Reliable Startups
  • 280 Square Inches Swing-Away Warming Rack
  • Removable Porcelain-Coated Grease Pan
  • Casters For Easy Mobility


  • Flimsy Cabinet

08. Royal Gourmet Gb8000 8-burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Royal Gourmet GB8000 8-Burner Liquid Propane Event Gas Grill

One of the best versatile gas grills on the market, the Royal Gourmet GB8000 is an ideal choice for picnic, poolside, and tailgate parties. Featuring durable stainless steel construction, this grill offers 950 square inches of cooking space to handle large parties of preparing more than 60 burgers at once. The porcelain cooking grates perfectly retain heat to lock in the juices and grill the meat more tenderly.

There are 8 durable stainless steel burners to help you setting eight different cooking zones. Similar to other gas grills, it has an electronic ignition system for a fast and reliable startup. The grill is also equipped with two folding metal side shelves to provide enough work or prep space. Thickened and bold frame design, it offers improved stability and durability to withstand tough weather conditions.

One of the best features of this best gas grill is its effortless cleaning. There are two removable large-capacity grease drip cups for convenient cleaning. Also, the two draw-out grease drip pans help you to clean the mess in no time. The grill has four lockable caster wheels for convenient mobility around the backyard or patio.


  • Porcelain Wire Cooking Grates
  • Two Separate Grilling Areas
  • Two Draw-Out Grease Drip Pans For Effortless Cleaning
  • Lockable Caster Wheels
  • Designed For High-Traffic Events


  • No Lp Tanks

09. Char-broil 463274619 Performance Series 6-burner Gas Grill

Char-Broil 463274619 Performance Series 6-Burner Gas Grill

A 6 burner gas grill with all essential features, the Char-Broil unit comes packed with a sleek stainless steel cabinet design. Featuring 50 square inches of cooking area, the grill has rust-resistant porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, which allow preparing about 28-32 burgers. There are 6 stainless steel top ported burners for long-lasting performance and provide a wide range of temperature with precise control.

The sixth burner is a sear burner with 15,000 BTUs to lock juices and grill up flavorful steaks. Equipped with electronic ignition, the grill offers quick and reliable startups with a single push of a button. There is also a 20 square inches swing-away warming rack, which is best for sides or toasting buns. The two stainless steel doors open at a cabinet to store the propane tank and keep it hidden.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the gas grill is simplicity. There is no fancy feature which allows both beginner and professionals to operate it effortlessly. Last but not least, the grill has a porcelain-coated grease pan, which can be removed easily for quick cleanup.


  • Stainless Steel Burners & Heat Tents
  • Fast & Reliable Startups
  • Porcelain-Coated Grease Pan
  • 205 Square Inches Swing-Away Warming Rack
  • Porcelain-Coated Cast-Iron Grates


  • No Warranty

10. Napoleon Pro500rsibpss-3 Prestige pro 500 Rsib Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO 500 RSIB Propane Gas Grill

The Prestige Pro 500 propane gas grill features infrared rear and side burners. This professional style gas grill comes with premium built quality, high-end performance, and makes grilling convenient and impressive. It has shinning stainless steel body offering durability against the elements, whereas chrome details add a touch of luxury to the appearance.

The durable cooking grids are manufactured with 304-grade stainless steel, which makes them easy to clean. Other parts of the grill, including tube burners, basin, and sear plates, are also created with stainless steel. Offering 900 square inches of cooking space, this grill has 80,000 BTU’s power.

There is led spectrum nigh light control knobs along with safety feature for additional comfort. One of the most appealing features of this best 6 burner gas grill is the infrared rear rotisserie burner that raises the heating level to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit in only 30 seconds. Last but not least, there is a safety feature that glows red light when the gas is left on after grilling.


  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • LED Spectrum Night Light Control Knobs
  • Safety Red Light For Gas
  • Lift Ease Roll Top Lid
  • Easy Roll Locking Casters


  • Heavyweight

Is the 6 Burner Gas Grill Any Good?

The 6 burner gas grill can be a good option for those who require a larger cooking area and higher heat output. It provides ample space for grilling multiple items simultaneously and offers versatility in temperature control.

However, the quality and performance of a specific model may vary based on brand, construction materials, and customer reviews. Considering these factors and conducting thorough research will help you make an informed decision.

How Does 6 Burner Gas Grill Work?

A 6 burner gas grill operates using a combination of propane or natural gas and ignited burners. Each burner has a control knob that allows you to adjust the flame intensity independently.

When you turn on the gas supply and ignite the burners, the fuel flows through small holes in the burners.

The ignited burners produce flames that heat the cooking grates above them. The heat radiates from the grates onto the food, cooking it evenly. The number of burners in a 6 burner gas grill provides a larger cooking area, allowing you to grill more items at once.

Adjusting the control knobs allows you to regulate the temperature and create different cooking zones for various foods.

Buying Guide to 6 Burner Gas Grill

Choosing a gas grill for your needs is an important decision, and therefore, you should consider the following essential factors to make the right decision.


The weight of the grill is a crucial factor, especially when you are an outdoor barbecue lover. A lightweight grill is easy to move around as compared to the heavy one. Choose a grill with lightweight for effortless portability. If you are looking for a heavyweight grill, don’t forget to check caster wheels for portability.

Cooking Power

Cooking power is another important thing which should not be neglected. The cooking time of food totally depends on the cooking power. Therefore, it should be higher than 10,000 BTUs.

Numer of Burners

The number of a gas burner depends on your needs. For instance, if you are preparing food for a small gathering, such as 2-4 persons, select the grill with 2-3 burners. However, a gas grill with 4-8 burners works best for grilling food for large gatherings.


Shelves offer handy space to store your grilling accessories by your side. Often it happens that you need accessories during grilling food, but you don’t have any proper space to store or hang it. These shelves are ideal for storing or hanging your grilling accessories during the process.

Cooking Space

Cooking space is one the most important factors to consider while buying a gas grill or electric smoker. It mainly depends on how much food you want to grill. For instance, a cooking space between 450 to 650 square inches work best for small gathering whereas above 700 square inches is ideal for larger gatherings.

Final Verdict

Gas grills are ideal for preparing perfectly grilled food while enjoying parties with your family and friends. However, it is essential to choose the best gas grill for your needs. Don’t forget to consider how much food you want to grill and what feature you want in your gas grill. These best 6 burner gas grills are ideal for preparing various foods for a large gathering. Just consider your needs and budget and buy the best 6 burner gas grill available on the market.

Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Should Be The Ideal Cooking Space In A Gas Grill?
Though it depends on your personal preference, the ideal cooking space should be more than 650 Square inches.
What Should Be The Ideal Weight Of The Gas Grill?
The weight of a gas grill should not be more than 100 pounds.
What Is The Best Material For Gas Grills?
Stainless steel is one of the durable and reliable materials used for manufacturing gas grills. This material is resistant to corrosion and scratches and also effortless to clean.

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