Best Commercial Walk Behind Mower

Best Commercial Walk Behind Mower for 2023

Whether you own a very expansive lawn or running a landscaping business, a commercial lawn mower is a must-have tool to keep your lawn trim and neat. There is a variety of lawnmowers available on the market, offering different features. The best commercial walk behind mower comes with supreme build quality, high-end features, and, above all, easy usage. After analyzing the lawnmower market, we have created a list of the 10 best commercial walks behind mowers available on the market.

Best Commercial Walk Behind Mower for 2023 List

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01. Snapper 560Z Commercial Lawn Mower- Best Walk Behind Lawn Mower for Homeowners

Snapper 560Z Commercial Lawn Mower- Best Walk Behind Lawn Mower for Homeowners

Just like all Snapper’s lawnmowers and tractors, this 560z comes with a simple design for effortless usage. Featuring handy additional functions and necessary equipment for convenient lawn mowing, this best commercial walk behind lawn mower comes with four optional choices to choose from. One is fitted with a Kawasaki 24HP engine, whereas others are fitted with 24HP or 25HP Briggs and Stratton engines.

You can also choose from 52 or 61-inch deck sizes.

The walk-behind mower is equipped with an all-steel welded construction to ensure ideal mowing in plain and rugged terrains. Also, there are Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 transaxles to provide smooth cutting with variable speeds. The mower features a cargo deck that tilts elegantly to the rear when dumping, making cleaning effortless.

Another notable feature of the 560Z walk-behind lawn mower is durable steel front axles along with a wrap-around front steel bumper to handle different terrains smoothly. Its fuel tank comes fitted with a wide-mouth gas fill to decrease spillage and ensure convenient filling. Last but not least, the mower has a fuel level indicator to monitor the fuel level for best mowing performance.

Quick Features
• Power Source Gas Powered
• Cutting Width 61 Inches
• 25 Hp Engine
• Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Durable Front Axles
  • Adjustable Deck Lift
  • Wrap-Around Steel Bumper
  • Fuel-Level Indicator
  • Wide-Mouth Gas Fills


  • High Price

02. WRC10224H – Swisher 10.2 HP 24″ Commercial Pro Walk Behind Mower

Swisher Commercial Pro Walk Behind Mower

This 24-inch self-propelled walk-behind rough-cut mower is ideal for cutting trails through the woods and clearing fields. The mower can efficiently clear the densest undergrowth and saplings up to 1.5 inches in diameter. Featuring a 10.2 Honda 12V and recoil start engine, this best self-propelled walk-behind mower features a heavy-duty deck having a cutting height range of 3-4.75 inches.

There is an upgraded selection lever located on the control panel to help you shift in a breeze. Another handy feature of the mower is an adjustable height handlebar with 3, 3.8, and 4.8 inches. The single G6 Gator commercial cutting blaze perfectly zips through brush and saplings with convenience. The best thing about the blade is that it is enclosed for maximum security.

Swisher has also added large pneumatic chevron tires to handle roughest terrains easily. There is a four-speed transmission for setting a comfortable pace and also a reverse model for backing out of rough spots. The front and side safety deflectors help to protect against flying debris, whereas the wire shield protects electrical components.

Quick Features
• Power Source Gas Powered
• Cutting Width 24 Inches
• 10.2 Hp Honda Engine
• 4-Speed Transmission With Reverse


  • Single G6 Commercial Cutting Blade
  • Large Pneumatic Chevron Treads Tires
  • Front Safety Deflectors And Protective Guard
  • Variable Height Adjustment
  • Enclosed Blade


  • Standard Lawn & Garden Battery Not Included

03. PowerSmart Push Lawn Mower with 4-Stroke Engine

PowerSmart Lawn Mower

This PowerSmart gas lawn mower comes with a powerful 4-stroke, single-cylinder gas engine to provide a powerful backup for clearing tall and tough grass effectively. The forced air cooling system is good enough to offer continuous power to the engine. Featuring a 21 inches steel mowing deck, the mower offers a large cutting area with high superior durability to help you cut through bigger jobs easily.

One of the best features of this self-propelled lawn mower is the position height adjustment. It allows adjusting the cutting height to cut grass and overgrowth conveniently. There is a 2 in 1 side discharge mulching feature to spread grass clippings to the side. It is also equipped with 8 inch rear wheels for easy mobility.

Another excellent feature of the walk-behind mower is the labor-saving design to improve work efficiency. You can easily fold down the mower without any tool and store it vertically to save space and keep your workhouse organized. PowerSmart is offering 3 years warranty for user convenience along with excellent customer support.

Quick Features
• Power Source Gasoline-Powered
• Cutting Width 21 Inches
• 170cc Engine
• 5 Adjustable Levels


  • Adjustable Cutting Depth
  • Tool-Free Folding Design For Easy Storage
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • 8 Inch Rear Wheels
  • Durable Mowing Deck


  • Not For Big Lawns

04. Greenworks Pro 80V 21 inches Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Cordless Push Lawn Mower

GreenWorks is one of the most popular lawn manufacturers on the market. This 21-inch cordless lawn mower comes with a durable steel deck, 10 inch rear wheels, and Smart Cut load sensing technology. Specially designed for durability and heavy-duty tasks, the mower has a single lever height adjust along with 3 in 1 operation for bagging, mulching, and discharging.

Lightweight and easy to use, it is equipped with a powerful brushless motor to deliver the power, and the supreme performance of a 160cc has an engine. The best thing about this lawn mower is that it is compatible with both 2AH and 4AH batteries. However, 2Ah needs 30 minutes, whereas 4Ah takes 1 hour for a complete charge. You can enjoy 60 minutes of cordless mowing by charging the battery for one hour.

It has 7 positions single lever height adjustment that ranges from 1-3/8 inches to 3-3/4 inches cut. Additional features include 2Ah li-ion battery, rapid charger, vertical storage, and smart cut technology for efficient mowing up to a 1-acre lawn.

Quick Features
• Power Source Battery-Powered
• Cutting Width 21 Inches
• 160cc Gas Engine
• Smart Cut(TM) Load Sensing Technology


  • 7-Position Single Lever Height Adjustment
  • Up To 60 Minutes Of Run Time
  • Large 10-Inch Rear Wheels
  • Lightweight And Easy To Use
  • Vertical Storage


  • The Bag Is Hard To Empty

05. CRAFTSMAN 11A-U2V2791 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower

Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

This gas-powered engine by Craftsman comes with 3 in 1 cutting options. Featuring a 149cc engine, the mower comes with an auto choke along with a recoil start which makes it one of the straightforward mowers on the market. The engine is reliable and delivers a clean and precise cut on each pass. If you are looking to mow a medium-sized lawn, this Craftsman 11A-U2V2791 is an ideal choice for you.

The durable deck and blade provide a cutting width of 21 inches. The deck also has a useful wash port to allow you to connect the garden hose for convenient cleaning. There is an ergonomically designed handle to give you superior control over the mower. The best part of the handle is that you can easily fold it for easy storage.

It also has 6 cutting adjustable heights with a dual lever system. You can adjust the height between 1.25 inches and 3.75 inches. The mower is equipped with the mulching, grass collection, and side discharge chute to keep your lawn clean. Also, there is an additional dust blocker bag to reduce messy dust clouds.

Quick Features
• Power Source Gas Powered
• Cutting Width 21 Inches
• 149cc Engine
• Dual-Lever Adjustable Cutting Height


  • Sturdy Rear Wheels
  • Foldable Handle At The Lower Point
  • Easy To Start
  • 3-In-1 Mowing Features
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • No Rear Discharge Option

Buying Guide for Best Commercial Walk-behind Mower

Before you make a decision, it is always useful to consider the important features of a product you are going to buy. Here are important factors you must consider before you buy a commercial walk-behind lawnmower.

Cutting Deck size

One of the most important features to consider is the cutting deck size of a walk-behind mower. Commonly a lawn mower from 20 to 40 inches deck sizes works best for medium-sized lawns. However, it depends on your need and the size of your lawn.

Stand mowers deck is manufactured with steel which is prone to rust and can be the worst choice for harsh weather conditions. A cast aluminum deck is rust-resistant and can easily absorb handle vibrations. Such decks are more durable than steel decks.


Commercial mowers are equipped with 2 cylinder engine. There are no cams, valves, or lifters in these engines, and they carry substantial horsepower and displacement. Considering longevity and durability, the 2-speed commercial engines are ideal for commercial mowers.

Types of Drive

Front-wheel drive is great for lawn or flat surface mowing. A front-wheel-drive helps to push down on the handle, thus reducing the traction on the front wheels.

Rear-wheel drives excellent for uphill or sidehill mowing as you can push them on the handle while going uphill without losing traction on the front tires.

Terrain Type

Hilly or tough terrain may tear out a residential mower quickly. On the other hand, a commercial lawn mower is powerful enough to easily tackle different terrain and grass types. Choose an all-wheel-drive self-propelled mower if your lawn has hills or uneven terrain.

A self-propelled lawn mower works best for medium to large size lawns with flat terrain.

A push lawn mower is an ideal choice for medium-sized lawns.


The mulching mower cuts the grass into small fragments which fall on the lawn as mulch. It is useful for the ground as it returns essential clippings into the field. If you mow regularly and want a pristine lawn, mulching mowers are best for you.

The mower features a bag attached to its rear that collects clippings during mowing, giving a lawn clean, freshly manicured appearance. When the container is filled with clippings, you can easily dispose of it.

Push VS Self-Propelled

It depends on you to choose the type of cutting system you need for your lawn and the mowing frequency. These mowers offer the smoothest operation and reliable transmission. However, they can be expensive.

A typical front or rear-drive mower features a belt and pulley arrangement to direct power from the engine. But these mowers are easy to maintain and repair.

Side Discharge

Such mowers release clippings from the sides. These clippings decay into the lawn and are a handy option for tall or coarse grass. Rear and side discharges are best for tall, wide, rough grass and seldom-cut lawns.

Blade Width

Large blades are ideal in cutting even surfaces, but when you are dealing with uneven terrains such as golf courts or hills, it can be hard to handle with large blades. A small to medium blade is ideal for uneven or hilly terrains.


The rear wheel of a walk-behind lawn mower is typically larger than the front wheels as it offers greater maneuverability.

Ball-bearing wheels provide maximum comfort to push as compared to bushing-type wheels and are great for large yards with rough terrain. They are also convenient to maneuver while hauling clippings mixed with mulched leaves.


Always choose a lawnmower with a minimum warranty of one or two years. Don’t forget to check what the warranty covers to avoid any inconvenience.

Additional Features

Front caster wheels are ideal for elaborately landscaped yards that need a lot of pivoting. But, they can be challenging to track in the bumpy lawn or mowing sidehills.

A blade-brake clutch offers to release the operator control handle without stopping the engine. You can pause, move the obstacles, and continue mowing without restarting the engine.

Wash-out fittings help attach the garden hose to clean accumulated grass clippings from under the deck. These grass holdings create moisture and chemical residue; a neat and clean deck prevents deck corrosion.

Best Walk Behind Lawn Mower Brands

These are the best walk behind lawn mower brands available on the market.

  • Greenworks
  • Sun Joe
  • EGO Power+
  • American Lawn Mower Company
  • Craftsman


Greenworks is a reputable brand known for its environmentally friendly outdoor power equipment. Founded in 2007, they have pioneered battery-powered tools, including walk-behind lawnmowers, to reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution. Their manufacturing facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, producing high-quality and efficient mowers for eco-conscious consumers.

Sun Joe

Sun Joe, part of the Snow Joe + Sun Joe company, specializes in affordable, user-friendly lawn care products. Established in 2004, they’ve become a trusted brand, offering walk-behind mowers designed for easy operation and maintenance. Sun Joe’s mowers are manufactured with an emphasis on accessibility and innovation.

EGO Power+

EGO Power+ has quickly gained recognition for its powerful battery-operated lawn equipment since its inception in 1993. Their mowers feature advanced lithium-ion battery technology, providing long-lasting performance and eco-friendliness. EGO Power+ prides itself on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and materials for durability.

American Lawn Mower Company

With a history dating back to 1895, the American Lawn Mower Company is one of the oldest lawn mower manufacturers in the United States. They’ve earned a strong reputation for producing traditional push reel mowers, emphasizing simplicity and sustainability. Their mowers are still proudly manufactured in the USA.


Craftsman, a household name since 1927, is known for its wide range of quality outdoor and home improvement tools, including walk-behind lawnmowers. Craftsmen mowers are designed for durability and performance, catering to homeowners and professionals alike. The brand’s legacy and commitment to quality manufacturing continue to make it a popular choice for lawn care equipment.


Dealing with a large lawn can be quite difficult, especially when you don’t have the best commercial lawn mower. Many popular brands offer lawn mowers with unique features, but it depends on your needs to choose the best one. Never make a decision in a rush, as commercial lawnmowers are expensive, and an appropriate choice can cost you a healthy amount. Sit back, consider your lawn side, needs, lawn mower features and then make a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do Commercial Lawn Mowers Cut Better?
A commercial lawn mower provide better cut as compared to residential mowers as they have more HP to push through rough and tall grass.
How Many Hours Should Commercial Mowers Last?
Commercial mower is a heavy duty mowing machine and a new one should last for 1500 hours (run time) before replacing or maintenance.
What Is The Best Storage Ideal For Commercial Lawn Mower In Freezing Or Hot Temperatures?
It is better to store commercial lawn mowers indoor for extended battery life and best performance. Don’t store it near a furnace or exposed flame.

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