How to Clean Machete at Home

How to Clean Machete at Home

How to Clean Machete at HomeIf you are looking for how to clean a machete at home, then here are some useful tips and tricks. Each best machete needs maintenance so you can work fast and efficiently.

Keep the Blade Sharp

A dull knife is not liked by everyone. So how to sharpen a machete, you should roll the knife and forth it on any stone. You should forth motion on both sides until it sharpens. It’s a basic sharpening trick. However, there is some industrial stone sharpen with oil. These are recommended for those who want over-sharpening.

Keep the Blade Oiled

Take any oil, whether it’s veggie oil or any oil. However, if you have a bolo machete, we recommend veggie oil. Also, we suggest you spray enough amount of WD-40 on the machete. Besides, if your knife’s sheath is not tight, then oil inside the sheath. After that, polish it. Also, tension against the sheath can cause unwanted friction, which damages your blade. When you oiled both blade and sheath, keep it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rub both of them with sandpaper and like other material. After that, polish it. Here are some tips:

  • You should not leave your knife in the sun or in the rain. It can damage the knife’s sheath.
  • Don’t use a dry cloth for cleaning. Always use the damp cloth to clean out the sheath.
  • Keep your blade oiled on a regular basis.
  • Using for a while, sharpen the blade

Rusty Machete Restoration

It is a common thing that the pocket knife gets rusty. It’s not a dough. So to remove dust, it is needed to clean the knife free from bacteria. However, if you are using a knife to cut food, then especially clean it regularly.

  • Rusty knife should be cleaned first before sharpening.
  • You should use aluminum oxide paper to get free from rust.
  • When you have removed the rust, then apply oil to prevent further rust.

Keep the Hilt Dry

You should keep in mind that excess moisture can lead a knife to crack. That’s why you should keep the hilt dry so the knife stays longer.

The Conclusion

All in all, we have shared some useful guidelines on how to clean up a machete clean to enhance its lifespan. We hope you find these instructions useful. Thank you for visiting us!

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