How To Cleaning Windows with Newspaper

How To Clean Windows with Newspaper

How To Cleaning Windows with Newspaper

Window glass-cleaning products are usually filled with dangerous chemicals. They usually leave nasty odours too. Moreover, even natural cleaners often don’t work as well, leaving lines on the glass which seems to happen often even with those products that claim to be streak-free. Moreover, then there is the problem of the little bits of covering left by the paper towels that make the glass look just as dusty as if it had never been cleaned in the first place. Let’s talk about cleaning windows with newspaper to save time, money and efforts.

Instead of harmful chemical sprays, get those windows and mirrors sparkle clear with a simple solution of the newspaper. You will also save money and the hassle of needing to stock more cleaning supplies.

If you have heard of people using pieces of newspaper to clean windows, but you have never tried it at home. You should try this very promptly. The newspaper is an effective way to wipe glass windows to clean.

Our ancestors were right. The fifty-cent daily can double as a glass cleaner. Newspapers are made of thick fibres that contain no solid, scratching materials like silica or calcium carbonate. Compared to paper towels, newspaper fibres are more inflexible and will not separate and cause lint. Ninety 90% of newspapers converted from petroleum-based ink, which caused tints and smears, to the cheaper, smear-free alternative of soy-based ink. The switch reduced the newspaper perfect for multipurpose use.

There are many ways to clean windows but cleaning windows with the newspaper is an inexpensive method which we can use at homes, offices and other places where glass windows installed. Newspapers are readily available at home and offices. It works well, the newspaper and ink act as a light rough to give you clean windows.

A glass of windows and mirrors quickly collect dust, even if you clean them too often. Furthermore, in the meanness of all the particular cleaning and elbow grease, the glass does not seem sparkling clean because of the lines and lint. Thus, apart from the elbow grease, you also need to use the right tools. For instance, it is best to clean glass windows with the old newspapers.

Below are the methods for cleaning windows with newspaper.

Cleaning Windows with Newspaper

Gather the below items/material before cleaning of windows with the newspaper;

What You Need to Gather:

  • A dirty window
  • Bundle of Old Newspapers
  • A piece of clean clothes
  • Empty Spray Bottle
  • Clean Water

A Dirty Window

First of all, find the dirty window, you can find a dirty window at your home, offices and also your shops. Do not feel shy to clean your windows. Windows are part of our daily routine life and frequently used by us. It is not the duty of handyman only in our offices and of a house cleaner in our homes.

Bundle of Old Newspaper

The compulsorily required item you need for this method, of course, is a couple of pages from an old newspaper. It would be better if using the typical old-fashioned black and white paper kind, though, not the coloured shiny pages used for ads and store fliers.

A piece of Clean Fabric

You will have to gather some pieces of clean clothes. Before cleaning the windows with newspaper, clean the windows with a clean cloth and remove all dust with it.

Empty Spray Bottle

During the cleaning windows with the newspaper, you will need to empty spray bottle. Fill the empty spray bottle with clean water and keep it with you.

Clean Water

Clean water also required for cleaning of windows with newspaper. Arrange a small bowl of clean water.

After the above-required items arrangements, follow the below instructions and start to clean windows with the old newspapers.

Preparation for Cleaning Windows with Newspaper:

Dip the old newspaper into a bowl of water, or mix it under the spout, and squeeze out any excess water, so it is just damp and not dripping wet.

After that just scrub away at the window like you usually would. Unless it is dirty, you perhaps would not have to rub too hard.

After following the above instruction, just take a dry page of the old newspaper and polish the window glass with it until all the water drops are gone, and it looks clear and shiny. Put the newspaper into the recycling bin, and you are done.

Benefits of Cleaning Windows with Newspaper

No Extra Cost

By using old newspaper, you save the money. You have already finished reading.

No Noxious

You also save yourself from harmful danger chemicals as well by using clean water. Clean water has no negative effects.

No Strips

There is no stripes and shades leftover on the windows by clean with old newspaper.

No Lint

A newspaper does not leave dusty lint behind like paper towels

No Waste

Unlike paper towels sodden with window glass cleaner, the newspaper can be recycled.

We have read a useful method for cleaning windows with newspaper, but this is just about as carefully as it gets. In the home mostly housewives and janitorial staff at offices are using this method and also guide to your future ones.

Happy cleaning!

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